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Et allegori skrevet af mig (Til diskussion)

 Bissen, 36
(1) 21-11-2020 kl. 00:07

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He is burning my soul, night and day.
I the innocent sheep, from far away.
as a carnated child from 5th heaven.
I am alone and the demons are seven.
Hunted by the avengers for blood.
My soul is meshed up for mud.

walking into my prayers room, odd!
I called into myself, vanishing from god.
I walks toward the light, i yells the name
Christ, advice me to kill the flame.
An angel messaged me from the sky.
Let the sheep become wise and high.

I did keep asking for lords advice
i was blamed that my heart was entice.
i did pray for mastery and skill.
i seek justice from the lords will.
the craftsmen screamed for vengance
they are abandoned and lost their entrance.

They did build upon a delighted soul
with substance they build the prison whole.
who the hell did put me into a cage.
was it a blossomed God of rage.
i'll put down my wool on earth.
and queen isis will give me berth.

With a higher consciouss, i breath.
My human weakness is death.
the seven sins of the demons
sinks like the forgotten seamens
who drowned in lazyness and pride.
Doomed were the enligthed brides.

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Hvilken religiøs retning minder det mest jer om?

Redigeret 21-11-2020 kl. 00:08

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