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Youphoria / St. Laurent

(1) 06-02-2014 kl. 19:00


"LIfe with funerals and lullabies.
St. Laurent as a place for two.
Such a magical avenue.
There were times, so restricted, but every war has it's peace - Boy!

Naked eyes can see the euphoria that you brought to me.
Naked, divine and free. You were holding me.
Pure reality shaped from my fantasy.

You are euphoria.
You are euphoria to me!

St. Laurent as a place for three.
I am here to set you free.
Cause I'm in love, so restricted, but every war has a dream.
I'm dreaming!
Two becomes one if you count from three - Girl!

A new year shaped as me will trap me in your fantasy.
As naked and divine as me is how I'll feel you, if you follow me through my fantasy.

As constantly Youphoria. You are euphoria.
I am a foreigner in your heart and soul

As it was written in the cards. I was your queen of hearts.
Like we were playing from the start till you blew my mind, my touch on time.
The sacrifice is about to begin…"


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