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Hvad synes du om The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

(1) 26-12-2014 kl. 16:16

Inb4: This topic is in english since my danish is laughable, I apologies in advance.
You are however allowed to write an explanation in danish, regarding your feelings towards the movie. I and google translate will try our best to understand your answer.

The question is easy and listed below. I would like your honest answer, since I am thinking about to go watch it this saturday, with a mate.

Spørgsmål: How good is The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
Svarmulighed 1: It was not as good as I thought
Svarmulighed 2: It was okay
Svarmulighed 3: It was good
Svarmulighed 4: It was better than I thought
Svarmulighed 5: It was one legendary awesome movie, I would watch it again!

(2) 26-12-2014 kl. 16:19

Svar på indlæg nr. 1 af Lawiensko:

I think it was good, better than the second one yet the first one remains my favourite.

(3) 27-12-2014 kl. 03:00

Boring af

(4) 28-12-2014 kl. 07:25

den var alt for lang fald i søvn XD

(5) 28-12-2014 kl. 12:13

I went out to see it, and it was a nice movie after all. Thank you all for your answers! Mainly the girls who tipped awesome kinda funny how the girls liked it more, maybe because of the romantic stuff in this part.

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